My Robbie Bobby

Crew profile

Dane Kolo: Captain

Originally from Australia, Dane has over 12 years of experience as both a Captain/Engineer and Chief Officer on 25m-50m vessels. He is a very driven and energetic person, who loves his job. Safety & security of the vessel, along with taking care of the guests & crew are his number one priority. Dane will always make sure that the guests have an unforgettable experience whilst onboard and that everything flows as seamlessly as possible. He is ready to go the extra mile for any task required and to lead by example the crew. With strong cruising experience in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Hawaii, Tahiti, Philippine Sea, PNG, Australia east, north and west coast, New Caledonia, Bahamas, USA west and east coast, Dane brings lots of knowledge to ROBBIE BOBBY. Passionate in game fishing, world record spear fishing, scuba diving and various other water sports, Dane is very sportive.

Francis Brown: Chief Officer

Born in New Zealand, Francis joined the yachting industry in 2013, as a Bosun and evolved to Chief Officer. During his career, Francis has worked on several yachts of varying sizes, private and charter, which have taken him around the world. Most recently, he worked on 72m Azteca, 48m Lady Georgina, 107m Andromeda and 65m Z. Francis has various certificates including the STCW95, the Yacht Master Limited 200t, the GMSS and so on. Thanks to his extensive experience, Francis is ready to assure his clients a professional and effective service on board ROBBIE BOBBY.

Michaela Frewen: Chief Stewardess

Originally from South Africa, Michaela has many qualifications and makes sure to always maintain the yacht at high standard. She will make sure to satisfy the guests needs with great attention to details. She was trained to be a barista, serving meals and advising on wine pairing. Napkin folding and table settings are her favorite. She is a quick learner, flexible, adaptable, multi tasking and ready to solve problems in stressful situations. Michaela is always looking for new challenges and excited to be onboard ROBBIE BOBBY.

Matthew Woods: Chief Engineer

Matthew hails from South Africa and has already ten years of experience on sailing and motor yachts. With a great sense of adventure, Matthew has a great passion for the ocean and is glad to work on board ROBBIE BOBBY as Chief Engineer. During his career he had the chance to travel around the world and become an expert in his field. He is now ready to assure a safe environment to his guests. When he is not in the engine room, Matthew spends a lot of time in the water, indeed he enjoys spearfishing, freediving, surfing, scuba diving, fishing and sailing.

Luis Rojas: Chef

Originally from Mexico, Luis loves to cook different cuisines varying from local, fresh, seasonal, to high quality products putting his own spin and style on dishes. Luis has been based in Barcelona for the past 16 years, fully trained with both restaurant and yachting experience on board yachts up to 80m. Luis is not only passionate about food but also loves boats, sailing and doing sports. He is calm yet enthusiastic chef always ready to make his best to please his clients.

Leah Anonsen: Stewardess

Leah hails from the United States and has completed the Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication in Public Relation & Advertising in 2015. After a few work experiences as waitress, photographer and housekeeper, she decided to join the yachting industry in 2018, working as a Stewardess in two motor yachts: 40m Take 5 and 45m M3. Leah is now ready to deliver the best service on board ROBBIE BOBBY and she is always keen to learn and excel in everything she does in order to give the best to the guests. Leah is not only very precise and organized, but also good in childcare/activities, a valuable skill for family-charters. When she is not working, Leah enjoys photography.

Tyler Echardt: Deckhand

Born in South Africa, Tyler’s experience includes washdowns, polishing, line works, general maintenance, handling electronic equipment/ sound system just to mention a few. Tyler is also very athletic and was in the past a personal trainer focusing on Tabata style training (mixture of high intensity cardio and strength training).