My Robbie Bobby

A day on Robbie Bobby

Our chef will be serving up a fresh sensory experience from innovative cuisine to modern French fare and exotic fusion.  

Mornings might start with champagne washing down so many roving healthy variations of scrambled eggs and freshly made French toast with organic honey.  
As for decadent downtime the sparkling jacuzzi invites secluded sunbathing intrerupted only by the crew serving cooling drinks and vanilla-flavoured rum cocktails at sunset.  

After the swimming and ski-jetting or romance to everyone’s heart, dare to have some truly magical moments, perhaps snuggling up with your children and loved one under a blanket on the bridge deck to watch your favourite film on a screen at sunset, while tucking into delicious home-made nibbles. The choice is all yours.  

Evenings find families and groups of friends feasting together, kids can be kids and couples can dine together in a peaceful atmosphere. Dinners on board include your choice of champagne and the most exquisite wines, followed by a 4 course dinner on the fly bridge which is also the perfect spot for evening cocktails. The evening experience can finish with the chef’s divine version of healthy matcha chocolate cake.  

  The night can end with a well-earned relaxation watching the endless galaxy of stars through a professional telescope set on board. It has a great story, ask the captain for more details.  

Each sunrise holds another unforgettable day on Robbie Bobby.