RB World


Environmentally Conscious

Robbie Bobby is a motor yacht with a low fuel consumption however we put all our efforts to make as little harm as possible to the nature and its wildlife. We are constantly reevaluating how we spend our days on the water. For this reason we are looking for services and products we respect and would like to partner with us in our green mission .
On Robbie Bobby we always aim to reduce the use of plastic on board. We also encourage our crew to go on cleaning up beaches days as often as possible.
Diana Yacht Design created a hull that is efficient when cutting through the water which means that Robbie Bobby has smaller engines and thus uses less fuel, therefore benefitting both the environment and those that charter the boat.

· Low fuel consumption
· No plastic for a section of products used – paper, glass, grass, carboard being used more instead
· Supporting eco and environment organisations protecting nature and cleaning the waters
· Use of non toxic cleaning solutions
· Sustainable boat maintenance
· We use metal bottles for our crew
· Ecological gadgets made of recycled materials, etc.
· We encorouge our guests during their charters to explore the lands with our electric scoters