My Robbie Bobby

A note from the owner

My own passion for the sea started way back in the 1960s when my late father bought a Snapdragon 27ft twin keeled sailing boat. A small boat that allowed Mum, Dad and us, the four kids, to sail onto a beach, allow the tide to retreat and there we were, left high and dry. But we had the perfect play house on the sun kissed sandy beach. Sailing into any port or marina I always stood at the bow imagining myself as a pirate about to conquer yet another citadel, with fresh vigour.

My father was not the world's best sailor, however, his enthusiasm and love for the sea more than made up for his lack of ability. I inherited this love of the sea from him, and I dreamed of sailing the seven seas. Those cherished weekends and holidays on the water with my family would ultimately go on to define my life, to encourage me to start this long road of sea exploration and eventually to investing in Robbie Bobby.

That love, enthusiasm, passion and respect for the sea has always stayed within me and became my goal in life. As I have grown older so I have come to realise that, more importantly, we need to care for our oceans and the wildlife within them. That is something I never forgot. Today I continue to explore my own emotions for the nature, the unknown secrets that our planet holds and to help ensure its future for generations to come. This is why I chose Robbie Bobby with her very low conservative fuel consumption.

As a motor yacht, Robbie Bobby has beautiful contemporary furnishings, elegant clean lines and she provides the perfect balance between speed, economy of fuel and excitement. Life on board is luxurious and comfortable with many entertainment amenities such as water toys, a large on deck TV screen and spacious decks all to be enjoyed while exploring the most beautiful hidden gems of the seas.

I hope you enjoy learning about Robbie Bobby and this little insight about my passion for the water which I cannot help but share with you. For those who, like me, might have held the dream of being an explorer of untouched waters or if you just want to sit back and enjoy the beauty of coastlines when seen from the sea, then Robbie Bobby is for you and your family. And do not forget to dream.